Every installation should be matched to the proper leather.  From nude vegetable tanned leather to upholstered leather, we are able to advise and manufacture utilizing the correct material from a variety of tanneries. 

Please contact sales@con-am.com for a project quote. 


Offering new or reupholstered services

Focusing on commercial and hospitality seating, treatment, or design


Leather Services:                     Stitching and Seams:

Molding                                        Lock stitch 

Embossing                                     Saddle stitch

Gold Foiling                                  Baseball stitch

Carving                                         Cross-stitch

Painting                                          Lock stitch

Tooling                                           Plain Stitch

Hand Stitching                               Top Stitch

Edge Finishing                                Double Stitch

Machine Stitching                   




Face Treatments:                    Edge Treatments:

Painted                                         Beveled

Burnished                                     Flat